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DVR sets are provided by Credible Technology. We are DVR Importer, dealer & distributor in Bangladesh. What is DVR? It meant a digital video recorder, it’s required to keep save all video footages come from Security Camera on a Hard disk. Mainly it’s used to controlling the full security unit. Why DVR require?  This device is the main part of the close circuit television project, it comes from analog technology but now most of the manufacturers upgrading technology to hybrid (HD). It is required to integrate all the Security Cameras with this device & control through this.

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A digital video recorder (DVR) is a device that records video in a digital format to a disc drive. USB flash drive, SD memory card, SSD, or other local or networked mass memory device. The term includes set-top boxes with direct to disk recording. Also portable media players and television gateways with recording capability, and digital camcorders.

in such cases, the appliance software wont to record video is an integral part. Many recorders are classified as consumer electronic devices.

Similar small devices have built-in (~5 inches diagonal) displays. As these recorders often don’t have the restrictions. That inbuilt recorders in cameras have, offering wider codec support, the removal of recording time limitations, and better bitrates.

Types of digital video recorders

DVRs are integrated with television sets (TVs).  A Digital video recorder system provides a bunch of advanced functions over VCR technology. Including video searches by filters. For example, event, time, date, and camera. These systems make wiring and operation more simple. Because they use one power line, haven’t any interconnected ports (e.g., HDMI), and share a standard remote.

  • Set-top boxes

Some pay-TV operators provide set-top boxes that allow subscribers to connect to their own network-attached storage (NAS) hard drives. Or solid-state or non-volatile storage to record video and other media files (e.g., audio and photos).

  • PC-based

Software and hardware are available which may turn personal computers into running Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. It may be a popular option for home-theater PC (HTPC) enthusiasts.

  • Linux

There are lots of free and open-source software applications available for Linux. For instance, TV gateway interfaces to DVB tuners and provides network tuner and television server functions. Which allows live viewing and recording over IP networks. Other examples include MythTV, Video Disk Recorder (VDR), LinuxMCE, TiVo, VBox Home TV Gateway, and Kodi (formerly XBMC).

  • macOS

Elgato makes a series of digital video devices called EyeTV. The software furnished with each device is additionally called EyeTV. And it is out there separately to be used on compatible Apple provides applications within the FireWire software developer kit. Which permits any Mac with a FireWire port to record the MPEG2 transport stream. From a FireWire-equipped cable box (for example Motorola DCT62xx, including HD streams.

  • Windows

There are several free digital video applications available for Microsoft Windows including GB-PVR, MediaPortal, and Orb (web-based remote interface).

More kinds of video recorders:

There also are several commercial applications available including Hikvision, Dahua, Jovision, Avtech, etc. Similarly, Most TV tuner cards come bundled with software that allows the PC to record television to hard disc. Many Security Camera companies in Bangladesh can help you provide the best digital video recording systems from top brands. For instance, Leadtek’s WinFast DTV1000 digital TV card comes bundled with the WinFast PVR2 software. Which may also record analog video from the card’s composite video input socket.

Applications of Digital Video Recorders
  • Security

-Lorex 4K NVR, a security digital video recorder

Digital video recorders configured for physical security applications record video signals from television cameras for detection and documentation purposes. Many can record audio. But they have evolved into devices that are feature-rich and supply services. They exceed the straightforward recording of video images. VCRs did this previously.

A digital video recording system works with a set of Security cameras that are connected to a Video recorder. This device can record digital videos. You may have an analog CCTV system. But you can easily transform it into a digital system by replacing the VCR with a DVR.

In some TV DVR security systems remote access to security footage employing a PC. Connecting the device to a LAN network or the web. A number of the newest professional digital video recorders include video analytics firmware. To enable functionality like ‘virtual tripwire’ or maybe the detection of abandoned objects on the scene.

Applications also can change channels on the cable box via the firewire interface. Only broadcast channels are often recorded because the remainder of the channels is encrypted. FireRecord (formerly iRecord) may be a free scheduled-recording program derived from this SDK.

Security DVR box can also be categorized as being either PC-based or embedded. A digital video recorder is an embedded type video recorder. It is specifically designed with its OS and application software contained in firmware or ROM.

Hardware features

Hardware features of security digital video recorders vary between manufacturers.

The video recorder is basically a computer that stores the security footage on a hard drive. Majority of the security cameras used today capture analog footage. The Digital video recorder converts these analog signals digitally and stores them on the hard drive after compressing them.

Single or multiple video inputs with connector types. According to the analog or digital video provided like coax, twisted pair, or glass fiber cable. The foremost common number of inputs are 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, and 32 channels. Looping video outputs for every input which duplicates the corresponding input video signal and connector type.

User-friendly interface

DVR usually has a bunch of interfaces, including video input and output. Audio input and output, PTZ control interface, alarm input and output interface, storage expansion interface, network interface, etc. These interfaces are very basic and useful for the video recorder. However, for NVR, its function is located in the storage and forwarding of video.

Therefore, we call it “middleware”. In other words, away from the scene. And away from all kinds of video and audio input and output. Certainly, away from the alarm interface, along with the workstation. The deployment of redundant interfaces means increased costs.

Controlled outputs to external display screen monitors.

Switches and indicators can control various features of the machine. In addition, Network connections according to the network type and utilized to regulate the features of the recorder. Above all, to send and/or receive video signals. Customizable picture resolution either on an all-input basis or input by input basis. For example, On the occurrence of an external alarm or an indoor event.

To conclude, digital video recorders can handle inputs from many cameras from your site. You can view all footage from the cameras at a time from your mobile or laptop. There’s no need for any additional switches.

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