IP Cameras

IP cameras use in Bangladesh have become the most reliable form of business or home surveillance and guidance. We have the best IP camera of the best quality in Bangladesh. We can offer you outstanding cameras with the best quality. It will put your environment under heavy surveillance to capture any intruders.

IP Cameras

CCTV and IP Cameras list in Bangladesh for Home, Office, industry & Hospital. Besides the excellent quality cameras, our wifi camera comes with the latest technologies. Including artificial intelligence and Night vision video capture. You will receive advanced surveillance services that will keep your products under heavy surveillance. We also offer expert setup services to ensure every camera works in the most satisfactory way possible.

Common Features of IP Cameras

Functional Features of the Camera

As camera dealers, we offer a wide range of camera qualities. It all depends on what you want for your business or for your home. Here are some of the qualities of the best wifi camera that you can get from our offices.

  • Long Range Night Vision -This is good to capture trespassing objects even at long distances in the absence of light. Night vision captures images even when the security lights are off keeping your house and business to be safe 24/7. Up to 1300ft of Night vision capture distance meaning, it covers a wide distance.
  • Pan Tilt zoom camera feature with 40x resolution. Since it has the ability to tilt, it means it can capture objects that move around. It also has a wide-angle feature. This means it covers a wide area thereby capturing intruders from all sides and corners. The 40x resolution is for maximum image focusing so that you see clearly what is intruding on your business.
  • Auto-tracking camera feature means it can detect motion in the coverage area. Whether it’s an animal, vehicle, or human that is moving around your compound, it is going to be captured and you would be notified so that you take action. Its video analytics feature is meant to offer accurate information on moving objects so that you know whether it is truly an intruder or not. This feature is made possible by the incorporation of artificial intelligence which makes analytics and tracking very reliable.

Are those all the feature that you will receive?

No, there are more exciting feature you may find appropriate. They are provided below:

  • Built-in Speaker-Unlike the analog wifi cameras, these cameras can transmit two-way audio. This means besides just the visual content that you would be seeing on the recorded video, you are going to also listen to sound from the recorded video. With the loudspeaker feature, you can listen to the sounds live so that you get the real-time data of what is happening at the scene.
  • Data Encryption – Data protection is relevant when it comes to CCTV surveillance because if it gets out to other unconcerned parties, it may be used wrongly. Most of the wifi cameras have the encryption feature to help keep the recorded information safe.  WPA or WPA2, TKIP, or AES are some of the encryption formats used to ensure that data remains secure and safe throughout the whole process or recording.
Features for Outdoor Efficiency

Most cameras are used in the outdoor environment. For them to perfect excellently, they are made with features that make them function without alteration no matter the weather.

All-weather Feature – the weatherproof feature is meant to make the camera intact and functional regardless of the weather. For example, when there is too much dust, the body or the camera is dust repellant so even the lens will not be affected. If it is too rainy or misty, there is an internally built wiper. That ensures the lens is always clean. with such features, you are guaranteed satisfactory surveillance regardless of the weather.

What to Consider When Buying an IP Camera

Given the wide collection of Cameras, you could be asking yourself what to look for when you want to buy a Camera. This purely depends on what you want to cover. Below are some features to consider. Our team can assist you in finding what is best for your business. Butcheck at some of the features to consider below.

  • Camera Resolution -There are various resolutions based on the image quality that people want. From 1080p, 2k to 4k resolution, you need to know what is best for your business. So that you get exactly what you want. The lower the resolution the poorer the image. But with a resolution from 1080p, you can be sure to get excellent image quality.
  • Check its lens capacity, zooming capacity, and Night vision distance so that you know if it is best for you. If the zooming capacity is large, it means you can focus the image and make it clear and adorable. Low zooming capacity means images that are far may be dull. You may not be able to get a clear picture of them. The longer the night vision distance, the better the capture. So you will be able to cover a long distance for maximum surveillance coverage.
  • Storage size must be big especially if you want it to store a lot of details in it. Most people start with 32 GB internal storage but the bigger the storage, the better.
Facial Recognition Camera

You can integrate the faces of the members of your family. The alarm will automatically ring when someone unfamiliar is detected. This is also good for some people. Who wants to ensure only specific people get access to certain business premises or offices. Security Cameras with facial recognition features cannot be used in public areas. Because different faces come in always it might keep bothering you every time it detects a new face. With AI technology, it would be difficult for unwanted people to access certain places without you knowing.


IP Cameras are the best guarantee of enhanced security surveillance in your place. You can smartly connect them with your phone. So that you get direct updates from the place that you would be at any time of the day. Always make sure you have the best setup. So that you don’t get any hitches in the performance of the camera.

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