Payroll Software in Bangladesh

Payroll Software in Bangladesh – we are providing Payroll Software for any large or small enterprise, its totally user friendly module with verity features.

Payroll Software provider in Bangladesh

Credible Technology providing Payroll since 2002 which is mostly in Garments industry for compliance. for more in Wikipedia visit now.


Wiki Ref : Effective payroll automation collects all relevant information in one place in electronic format, reducing mistakes by eliminating the need to synchronize and manage otherwise duplicate data sets.

The American Payroll Association (APA) estimates that automation reduces costs related to payroll management by up to 80%, which is partially explained by the reduced mistakes in wage payments and invoicing.

Well planned, modern payroll software provides the following benefits:

  • It considers collective labor agreements and employer-specific procedures and exceptions.
  • It provides a breakdown of the allowances and other bases for wages in the report, with dedicated rows for each day, week and month.
  • It automatically follows the legislated accounting and calculation rules in the calculation of annual holidays.
  • It manages the drawing up, posting, archiving and reporting of travel invoices.
  • When combined with work shift management software, it can utilize data concerning working hours, overtime, allowances, holidays and absences.

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