CC Camera Package 5Pcs Hikvision – 1MP full set price


Hikvision CCTV Package 5Pcs


CC Camera Package 5Pcs Hikvision price 2MP Taka – 17,850. We provide a Hikvision CCTV camera in Bangladesh.

CC Camera Package 5Pcs Hikvision

Package Detail

  • 05 Pcs Hikvision 2MP Camera
  • 01 Pc Hikvision 8 channel DVR
  • 10 Pcs BNC Jack
  • 05 Pcs Adaptor
  • 10 Mtrs coaxial Cable
  • 10 Mtrs BRB Cable
  • 01 Pc HDD (1TB)

Hikvision full set price in Bangladesh

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Hikvision advances the core technologies of audio and video encoding, video image processing, and related data storage, as well as forward-looking technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and deep learning. Over the past several years, Hikvision deepened its knowledge and experience in meeting customer needs in various vertical markets, including public security, transportation, education, healthcare, financial institutions, and energy, as well as intelligent buildings. Accordingly, the company provides professional and customized solutions to meet diverse market requirements. In addition to the video surveillance industry, Hikvision extended its business to smart home tech, industrial automation, and automotive electronics industries — all based on video intelligence technology — to explore channels for sustaining long-term development.

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A complete end-to-end system
More importantly, the Turbo HD X is a complete and unified system, featuring front-end devices linking to back-end devices and a remote application. As the front-end alarm sends a warning to potential intruders, the system also triggers an alarm at the back-end, to notify security personnel. Users can also receive alarm information remotely, via an application on their mobile devices.



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