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The heart of analog cameras is a Recording System. Back in the days when Digital Video Recorder was launched, it was revolutionary to the security solutions of both homeowners and corporate spaces. And within a couple of years, CCTV recorders were a very common thing everywhere. If you think such security system technology is new to Bangladesh, chances are high that you might be wrong. This Digital Video Recorder entered our market nearly two decades ago. And it’s still thriving because of its affordability factor. Surveillance systems have come a long way since the launch of this digital recorder; the recent DVRs mostly mitigated the gap between NVR systems while being less expensive.

If you are in the market for buying such a digital recorder, you should keep in mind some features to look forward to. A Digital Video Recorder uses FPS (Frames Per Second) as its metric. It uses three to six images (depending on the CCTV recorder) to form a moving picture. Like in films, it typically uses 24 to 30 frames per second. Now a Digital Recorder might advertise a big FPS number. Though it might be confusing at times, the digital recorder divides the number of frames equally between its analog cameras.

Now, if you are wondering how many security cameras you can use with a cctv video recorder? It depends on the device itself. If it’s a four-channel cctv video recorder, that means it can use up to 4 CCTV cameras. In our country, 8-channel DVR and 16-channel Recorder are very popular. The term footage resolution is not a new word, so it needs no explanation. The higher the CCTV footage resolution, the more detailed the CCTV image will be. The latest DVR features a VGA output for the CCTV monitor. Some DVRs support multiple monitors for CCTV.

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CCTV প্রযুক্তি স্থাপনের আগে বা পরে CCTV সিস্টেম সম্পর্কে জানা খুবই গুরুত্বপূর্ণ। নিরাপত্তা সরঞ্জাম সম্পর্কে ভাল জ্ঞান পেতে আমাদের সাথে থাকুন এবং সর্বশেষ খবর পড়ুন।

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