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IP Camera in Bangladesh

If you are in the market for buying IP camera in Bangladesh, Credible Technology might be the shop you are looking for, as we are an authorized dealer and supplier of security systems in Bangladesh with more than 20 years of experience. We boast a huge catalog of security and surveillance devices. Feel free to explore our security system products from our online store.

The introduction of the IP camera has revolutionized the idea of security. Like all the security technologies in the world, CCTV cameras have evolved. From analog cameras to IP cameras, there has been a lot of security system development in the process. Once analog cameras only recorded motion pictures without audio, and they used coaxial cables. Later in the day, audio-recordable analog cameras were introduced. Its downside was it needed additional cables for each faculty. The mess of cable jungle wasn’t so rare. Then IP cameras launched that use power over Ethernet or simply PoE. Those security cameras can record audio and videos at the same time and transmit those digital signals over a single cable, which is an Ethernet Cable. It gets power over Ethernet too. Now IP CCTV cameras have evolved and embraced wireless technology.

An IP security camera is a kind of digital camera that works on internet protocol, hence the name. The two industry standards of IP cameras are Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) and Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP). Wireless IP cameras work in two ways. We have discussed the connectivity factor, whether it is wired or wireless. We missed out on the centralization point. In centralized mode, a local CCTV recorder like NVR System is used, which is directly connected over Ethernet or WiFi network. But in a decentralized method, each CCTV camera is an autonomous video capture device.

Buy The Best network Camera In Bangladesh From Credible Technology

It’s necessary to consider some factors before buying IP camera from Credible BD. Viewfield is the most important one. For homeowners, a 130-degree view field will do just fine, but higher values are beneficial to security factors in open and wide spaces. Network cameras use the PoE method as a power source, and some use batteries for CCTV too.

The next factor is CCTV storage and camera resolution. The higher the security camera resolution, the higher the details of the picture will be. But the higher resolution will use more space in your CCTV storage. NVR recorders use hard disks of variable size as their primary storage. Many IP CCTV cameras support cloud storage too, but those are expensive as a monthly subscription is required for such a service.

Credible BD is committed to providing the best security system service in Bangladesh for all types of customers, including residential security systems, office security systems, and enterprise security. Feel free to contact us today for the best digital security for your home or office.

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