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Spy Camera Price in Bangladesh

The basic model’s spy camera price starts around ৳1,200, offering basic coverage. WiFi Mini camera price in Bangladesh vary widely depending on features. Expect to pay more for higher resolution, night vision, and pan/tilt functionality.

Hidden Spy Camera Price in Bangladesh

Hidden cameras, often called 360-degree spy cameras, range from ৳1650 to ৳4000 in Bangladesh. Prices depend on features like video quality, recording time, and battery life. Consider reputable online retailers like Fairbd or credibleBD security stores for your purchase.

Wireless Camera Price in Bangladesh

Wireless camera prices in Bangladesh range widely depending on features. Basic models start around 1,200 takas, while feature-rich options offering high resolution and 360-degree coverage can reach 36,500 takas and up.

Benefits of a wireless camera

Wireless cameras offer a hassle-free setup without drilling or cables. This flexibility lets you place them anywhere for better surveillance, giving you peace of mind and a watchful eye on your property.

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