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  • DS-7608NI-Q1 Hikvision 8 Channel NVR

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    ৳ 7,750.00

    * Model: Hikvision DS-7608NI-Q1
    * H.265+/H.265/H.264/H.264+ video formats
    * Up to 8 IP cameras can be connected
    * DMI and VGA outputs
    * 1 SATA interface connectable

NVR Price In Bangladesh

The NVR system in Bangladesh is an evolved addition to the existing surveillance technology in the market. It specializes in recording video footage through the connected IP cameras in a centralized mode and directly recording it in the storage device. The video footage is directly transmitted from the IP cameras to NVR, a.k.a Network Video Recorder, in the form of digital signals. So the signals do not need any kind of video processing after reaching the NVR recorder.

It’s a big upgrade from the DVR system as it’s the raw image captured by the IP cameras. But its price is a little higher compared to the DVR system counterparts. The NVR pricing is justified because of the new features that are only available in a Network Video Recorder. Here, Credible Technology has got you covered because we are confident enough to say that our affordable pricing is far more reasonable than our competitors and prioritized towards our customers’ budget.

Buy The Best NVR System From Credible Technology

Network Video Recorder now comes with some cool features. All the thanks go to its adoption of IP cameras. As IP cameras initially record and process the videos, we grant partial credit to those new achievements in the industry of surveillance systems. IP cameras usually have higher resolution, hence more details in the picture. IP cameras are usually connected through PoE or Power over Ethernet though many popular options support network transmission too.

Simply put, IP cameras can be connected to Network Video Recorder wirelessly or on a cable. Most of the cameras have a built-in audio recorder which is a huge blow to their predecessors. NVR System mainly works as a storage system. Some models boast cloud storage which is an essential factor in buying a CCTV footage recorder. If you are looking for remote access, the NVR system is the best option. Now channel count means the number of cameras NVR can handle. When our customers visit the Credible Technology online store, most of them opt for 16-channel NVR and 32-channel NVR systems. Those are very popular security camera recording systems.

For such security video recorders and other safety equipment and security devices, Credible Technology has won the trust of many customers for our reputed after-sale service and budget-friendly pricing. We always prioritize our customer satisfaction above all things. For further queries, visit our online store, and to explore, feel free to roam our catalog on our website.

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