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Hikvision CCTV Camera Package Price In Bangladesh

Buy your Hikvision CCTV Camera package from Credible Bangladesh, the best Hikvision dealer, and distributor in Bangladesh. Surveillance systems entered the mainstream market in the 90s, and since then it surged in popularity amongst corporate spaces and household users. Even though Hikvision joined the game late, it came into prominence very quickly.

Hikvision started its journey in 2001. From the time of its inception, it effortlessly put out new products every year that were compatible with its ever-growing innovations and cutting cutting-edge technologies. Now the question stands whether you want to buy a single CCTV camera or just a whole package as everyone does. If you feel you belong to the latter part, then Credible Technology has got you covered. Hikvision has some mind-bending camera packages that might just meet your needs perfectly.

Included Items In The Hikvision CCTV Package At Credible BD

The CCTV camera packages Credible Technology provides multiple cameras, a recorder of your preference, be it a DVR or NVR device, a Hard Disk (HDD), and other peripherals essential to conduct the system’s primary function.

Now let’s discuss a DVR system from the Hikvision CC Camera package; DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder, which uses analog cameras as its primary footage recorder. Analog cameras record videos in analog signals, hence the name. Then the analogs are converted to digital signals by a transmitter. DVR finally records those signals as video in the hard drive. DVR uses coaxial cables, which are naturally included in the package.

CCTV camera packages also come with NVR devices. NVR stands for Network Video Recorder. This recording device, NVR, uses IP cameras that are connected to the recording device over the network or AV-grade ethernet cables. Those cables are also included in the CCTV Camera Package. Those DVR and NVR systems support 8-channel, 16-channel, and even 32-channel recording modes. The CCTV package comes with six cameras, eight cameras, and 16 cameras. There is a catch, DVR systems have installation service but don’t include a monitor. You can use your TV as a primary monitor. All the cameras are Night Vision, waterproof, and indoor or outdoor features are built in.

Buy the Best brand Hikvision Camera Package From Credible Technology Bangladesh Today

Credible Technology has other security and safety equipment. We are the seller, importer, and distributor of Hikvision. A price range of full sets of cameras at 8,500 takas to 95,000 takes. So there is nothing to worry about regarding guarantee and warranty. Credible Technology confidently boasts about the experience of 20 years in the market and the after-sale service which enabled us to thrive in the market during the company’s life spectrum. We also offer CCTV Camera installation service along with the Hikvision CCTV Camera package. The CCTV Camera installation charge varies between 400 takas to 1500 taka approximately.

We are always moving forward and ensuring our customers that we have got their backs if something doesn’t work on their products. Have faith in us, visit our online CCTV shop, and explore new security products on the website.

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