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Hikvision DVR In Bangladesh

Hikvision DVR has been ruling the industry of analog security systems for a long time. They have a huge lineup of Hikvision Video Recorder systems. Hikvision became a reputable brand within a very few days after its launch in 2001. Two decades have passed, and during this period, they worked tirelessly to cope with the modern time security system demands and innovate new security solution technologies, and launch hit surveillance products in the market. With their ever-rising popularity and constant output of quality products that perfectly keep its brand value unassailable, Credible Technology henceforth included Hikvision Video Recorder systems in its catalog.

Though analog cameras capture analog signals, the DVR devices have ‘digital’ in their name because there is a transmitter between them. Hikvision already produces top-of-the-industry Digital Video Recording systems, but you need to twitch some settings if needed. It is always advised to select the highest resolution; D1 or 4CIF is known as the highest analog recording resolution. For storage efficiency with a little bit of sacrifice, Half D1 or 2CIF is a medium resolution that is usually recommended. Other than that, you need to consider the channel count a DVR system supports.

Types Of Hikvision Digital Video Recorder Systems

Hikvision Digital Video Recorder systems can work with even 16 cameras with their Hikvision 16-Channel DVR. For example, which means the channel count of that DVR. Hikvision has 4-Channel, 8-Channel, 16-Channel, and 32-Channel DVR systems. Credible Technology is the proud distributor of Hikvision Recorder systems. If you are too confused, Credible Technology also has CCTV packages that use DVR systems.

Hikvision recently launched its Digital Video Recorder series, which consumes less power than ever, greatly reducing your costs and time. Hikvision’s Turbo HD GT DVRs are now powered by Motion Detection 2.0, which detects human beings and vehicles through each analog channel to focus on real security threats. Hikvision has integrated AcuSense technology in their DVRs system, which can narrow down the monitoring scope in perimeter protection and face detection and comparison to provide more detailed results. Be it a legacy security system or installing a brand new one, Hikvision’s product lineup has got you covered.

The best brand Hikvision Video Recorders price in Bangladesh

From analog to digital IP cameras, be they DVR or NVR, look no further than Credible Technology. We specialize in selling you the best surveillance systems that are suitable for your needs. Hikvision DVR Price in Bangladesh starts from taka 3,700 only up to taka 1,50,000 per pc. If you want to control digitally your property or your corporate space, we have got you covered. Visit our online CCTV shop and look for other security and safety equipment on our website.

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