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DVR Sets

DVR sets are provided by Credible Technology. We are DVR Importer, dealer & distributor in Bangladesh. What is DVR? It meant a digital video recorder, it’s required to keep save all video footages come from Security Camera on a Hard disk. Mainly it’s used to controlling the full security unit. Why DVR require?  This device is the main part of the close circuit television project, it comes from analog technology but now most of the manufacturers upgrading technology to hybrid (HD). It is required to integrate all the Security Cameras with this device & control through this.

DVR supplier in Bangladesh

A digital video recorder (DVR) is a device that records video in a digital format to a disc drive. USB flash drive, SD memory card, SSD, or other local or networked mass memory device. The term includes set-top boxes with direct to disk recording. Also portable media players and television gateways with recording capability, and digital camcorders.

in such cases, the appliance software wont to record video is an integral part. Many recorders are classified as consumer electronic devices.

Similar small devices have built-in (~5 inches diagonal) displays. As these recorders often don’t have the restrictions. That inbuilt recorders in cameras have, offering wider codec support, the removal of recording time limitations, and better bitrates.

Types of digital video recorders

DVRs are integrated with television sets (TVs).  A Digital video recorder system provides a bunch of advanced functions over VCR technology. Including video searches by filters. For example, event, time, date, and camera. These systems make wiring and operation more simple. Because they use one power line, haven’t any interconnected ports (e.g., HDMI), and share a standard remote.

  • Set-top boxes

Some pay-TV operators provide set-top boxes that allow subscribers to connect to their own network-attached storage (NAS) hard drives. Or solid-state or non-volatile storage to record video and other media files (e.g., audio and photos).

  • PC-based

Software and hardware are available which may turn personal computers into running Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. It may be a popular option for home-theater PC (HTPC) enthusiasts.

  • Linux

There are lots of free and open-source software applications available for Linux. For instance, TV gateway interfaces to DVB tuners and provides network tuner and television server functions. Which allows live viewing and recording over IP networks. Other examples include MythTV, Video Disk Recorder (VDR), LinuxMCE, TiVo, VBox Home TV Gateway, and Kodi (formerly XBMC).

  • macOS

Elgato makes a series of digital video devices called EyeTV. The software furnished with each device is additionally called EyeTV. And it is out there separately to be used on compatible Apple provides applications within the FireWire software developer kit. Which permits any Mac with a FireWire port to record the MPEG2 transport stream. From a FireWire-equipped cable box (for example Motorola DCT62xx, including HD streams.

  • Windows

There are several free digital video applications available for Microsoft Windows including GB-PVR, MediaPortal, and Orb (web-based remote interface).

More kinds of video recorders:

There also are several commercial applications available including Hikvision, Dahua, Jovision, Avtech, etc. Similarly, Most TV tuner cards come bundled with software that allows the PC to record television to hard disc. Many Security Camera companies in Bangladesh can help you provide the best digital video recording systems from top brands. For instance, Leadtek’s WinFast DTV1000 digital TV card comes bundled with the WinFast PVR2 software. Which may also record analog video from the card’s composite video input socket.

Applications of Digital Video Recorders

  • Security

-Lorex 4K NVR, a security digital video recorder

Digital video recorders configured for physical security applications record video signals from television cameras for detection and documentation purposes. Many can record audio. But they have evolved into devices that are feature-rich and supply services. They exceed the straightforward recording of video images. VCRs did this previously.

A digital video recording system works with a set of Security cameras that are connected to a Video recorder. This device can record digital videos. You may have an analog CCTV system. But you can easily transform it into a digital system by replacing the VCR with a DVR.

In some TV DVR security systems remote access to security footage employing a PC. Connecting the device to a LAN network or the web. A number of the newest professional digital video recorders include video analytics firmware. To enable functionality like ‘virtual tripwire’ or maybe the detection of abandoned objects on the scene.

Applications also can change channels on the cable box via the firewire interface. Only broadcast channels are often recorded because the remainder of the channels is encrypted. FireRecord (formerly iRecord) may be a free scheduled-recording program derived from this SDK.

Security DVR box can also be categorized as being either PC-based or embedded. A digital video recorder is an embedded type video recorder. It is specifically designed with its OS and application software contained in firmware or ROM.

Hardware features

Hardware features of security digital video recorders vary between manufacturers.

The video recorder is basically a computer that stores the security footage on a hard drive. Majority of the security cameras used today capture analog footage. The Digital video recorder converts these analog signals digitally and stores them on the hard drive after compressing them.

Single or multiple video inputs with connector types. According to the analog or digital video provided like coax, twisted pair, or glass fiber cable. The foremost common number of inputs are 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, and 32 channels. Looping video outputs for every input which duplicates the corresponding input video signal and connector type.

User-friendly interface

DVR usually has a bunch of interfaces, including video input and output. Audio input and output, PTZ control interface, alarm input and output interface, storage expansion interface, network interface, etc. These interfaces are very basic and useful for the video recorder. However, for NVR, its function is located in the storage and forwarding of video.

Therefore, we call it “middleware”. In other words, away from the scene. And away from all kinds of video and audio input and output. Certainly, away from the alarm interface, along with the workstation. The deployment of redundant interfaces means increased costs.

Controlled outputs to external display screen monitors.

Switches and indicators can control various features of the machine. In addition, Network connections according to the network type and utilized to regulate the features of the recorder. Above all, to send and/or receive video signals. Customizable picture resolution either on an all-input basis or input by input basis. For example, On the occurrence of an external alarm or an indoor event.

To conclude, digital video recorders can handle inputs from many cameras from your site. You can view all footage from the cameras at a time from your mobile or laptop. There’s no need for any additional switches.

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CCTV Camera

CCTV surveillance system in BD

Closed-circuit television (CCTV Camera), widely recognized as video surveillance. Using video cameras to transfer a signal from one place to another on a certain number of monitors. The footage is exclusive. It is different from broadcast television. Though most video cameras fit this definition. In areas that need additional security or ongoing monitoring.

Surveillance of the general public is common in many areas around the world. Video surveillance has generated significant debate about balancing its use with individuals’ right to privacy even when publicly.

In industrial plants, protective equipment could also be will not observe parts of a process from a central room. For instance, when the environment isn’t suitable for humans. Surveillance systems may operate continuously or only as needed to watch a specific event.


By one estimate, there’ll be approximately 1 billion surveillance cameras in use worldwide by 2021. About 65% of those cameras are installed in Asia. The expansion has been slowing in recent years. This technology has helped produce great growth in surveillance. The methods of advanced social monitoring and control have risen. And a number of crime prevention measures throughout the planet.

History of CCTV Systems

The earliest video surveillance systems involved constant monitoring because there were no thanks to record and store information. The technology of “reel-to-reel” media has made the recording of surveillance footage possible. These systems are used to work with magnetic tapes. People used to change it. Which was a time-consuming, expensive and unreliable process. Thanks to these shortcomings, video surveillance wasn’t widespread. VCR technology became available within the 1970s, making it easier to record and delete information. Therefore the use of video surveillance became more common.

This technology was invented in the 1990s. Allowing several cameras to record directly, also as time-lapse and motion-only recording. This saved time and money which then led to a rise in the use of CCTV.


In recent years, the utilization of body-worn video cameras has been introduced for a variety of uses. For instance, as a replacement sort of surveillance in enforcement, with cameras located on a police officer’s chest or head.

Traffic flow monitoring

Many cities and main roads contain installed traffic-monitoring systems, using Closed-circuit television to detect traffic jams and investigate accidents. Many of those cameras, however, are owned by private companies and transmit data to drivers’ GPS CCTV systems.

Highways England features a publicly owned network of over 3000 Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras covering the British motorway and road network.

These cameras will not monitor traffic conditions and aren’t used as speed cameras. The amount of cameras on Highways is probably going to increase over the subsequent few years. Due to the addition of fixed cameras for the active traffic management system.

The congestion charge is enforced by cameras positioned at the boundaries. Inside the congestion charge zone, which automatically reads the amount plates of vehicles that enter the zone. Other surveillance cameras function as traffic enforcement cameras.

Increasing safety and security in public transport

Digital Video Recorder for conveyance:

A CCTV can be installed anywhere. In trains or buses where only a driver is present, for example. Cameras can help the driver to ensure that no person is between the doors when closing.

Sporting events

Many sporting events in Bangladesh use these inside the venue for fans. To show the action while they’re far away from their seats. The cameras send the footage to a certain place. This gives the fans and other people a better view of what’s happening. They are often placed in lounges, hallways, and restrooms.

Employee monitoring

Organizations use it to watch the actions of workers. It specifies the performed operation. This helps to trace the actions of workers, especially once they are making critical financial transactions. For example, correcting or canceling a purchase, withdrawing money, or altering personal information.

Actions that an employer might need to watch could include:

  • Scanning of products, selection of products, the introduction of quantity;
  • Input and output of operators within the system when entering passwords;
  • Deleting operations and modifying existing documents;
  • Implementation of certain operations, like financial statements or operations with cash;
  • Moving goods, revaluation scrapping, and counting
  • Control within the kitchen of fast-food restaurants;
  • Change of settings, reports, and other official functions.

Some systems allow the user to look for a selected event by time of occurrence. Text description as well as perform statistical evaluation of operator behavior. This enables the software to predict deviations from the quality workflow and record only anomalous behavior.

Medical uses

Security cameras monitor patients in hospitals. For instance, children or the elderly. to identify potential medical issues, e.g. heart disease, or an asthma attack.

Use in schools

Close Circuit Devices are widely used in schools. Thanks to their success in preventing bullying, vandalism, monitoring visitors. And maintaining a record of evidence in the event of a criminal offense. Although there may be some restrictions about installation, in places where privacy may be an issue. Therefore, monitoring those areas may not be suitable.

Cameras are normally placed in hallways, parking lots, and offices. Where students and employees work. Teachers can also be an object.

A study on high school students in Israeli schools has revealed results. Students’ views are based on how they consider their teachers, school, and authorities. In other words, the majority of students don’t want Close Circuit Cameras installed inside a classroom.

Use in private homes

Many homeowners prefer to install Security systems either inside or outside their own homes, sometimes both. Security cameras are an efficient deterrent to potential intruders. Also, It increases the danger of identification through the camera footage. Most of the people will scout through affluent suburbs trying to find the simplest house to interrupt into.

Having a clear Security system, alarm, or another security measure, makes the house appear to be a harder target. In order that they will likely advance to subsequent house. smartphone applications can observe modern Security systems. It lets people observe their households or premises from anywhere. Some systems provide motion detection.

How do criminals use close circuit cameras?

Criminals sometimes use surveillance cameras to spy on the general public. For instance, a hidden camera at an ATM can capture people’s PINs, without their knowledge. The devices are small to remain hidden. They will monitor the keypad of the machine.

Even lawful surveillance cameras sometimes have their data enter the hands of individuals who haven’t any right to receive it.

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CCTV Package

CCTV Package

CCTV Package means CCTV full set. Credible Technology is the perfect place for online digital shopping. Here the buyer can check verity sets with verity category.

Range of kits: 

We Credible Technology ( providing verity sets are here. 1, 2, 3 & 4 Channel, 5, 6, 7 & 8 Channel CCTV Cameras kits.

We provide Fisheye, night vision, and Wifi IP CCTV kit. We Credible Technology are giving CCTV solutions for Home, Shop, Office, and Industry. Our support is available 24/7 at We have an online CCTV shop facility to buy the kits from us. We will give a home delivery service at a convenient time.

Type of kits:

  • Avtech kits content are CCTV Cameras or IP Cameras + DVR or NVR + Adaptor + Cable + Jack + Monitor with 1MP, 2MP & 3MP cameras and full setup.
  • Jovision set is 2 Cameras, 4 cameras, 8 cameras CCTV kit to 16 cameras with DVR or NVR & 1MP, 2MP, 3MP, 4MP & 5MP cameras with the Setup in Dhaka.
  • Dahua CCTV Package – we offer kits for Pc to 16Pc Cameras + DVR or NVR with 1MP, 2MP & 3MP cameras with the full setup.
  • Hikvision CCTV Package – We offer kits for 2 Ch to 16Ch DVR or NVR with 1MP, 2MP & 3MP cameras.
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IP Cameras

IP cameras use in Bangladesh have become the most reliable form of business or home surveillance and guidance. We have the best IP camera of the best quality in Bangladesh. We can offer you outstanding cameras with the best quality. It will put your environment under heavy surveillance to capture any intruders.

IP Cameras

CCTV and IP Cameras list in Bangladesh for Home, Office, industry & Hospital. Besides the excellent quality cameras, our wifi camera comes with the latest technologies. Including artificial intelligence and Night vision video capture. You will receive advanced surveillance services that will keep your products under heavy surveillance. We also offer expert setup services to ensure every camera works in the most satisfactory way possible.

Common Features of IP Cameras

Functional Features of the Camera

As camera dealers, we offer a wide range of camera qualities. It all depends on what you want for your business or for your home. Here are some of the qualities of the best wifi camera that you can get from our offices.

  • Long Range Night Vision -This is good to capture trespassing objects even at long distances in the absence of light. Night vision captures images even when the security lights are off keeping your house and business to be safe 24/7. Up to 1300ft of Night vision capture distance meaning, it covers a wide distance.
  • Pan Tilt zoom camera feature with 40x resolution. Since it has the ability to tilt, it means it can capture objects that move around. It also has a wide-angle feature. This means it covers a wide area thereby capturing intruders from all sides and corners. The 40x resolution is for maximum image focusing so that you see clearly what is intruding on your business.
  • Auto-tracking camera feature means it can detect motion in the coverage area. Whether it’s an animal, vehicle, or human that is moving around your compound, it is going to be captured and you would be notified so that you take action. Its video analytics feature is meant to offer accurate information on moving objects so that you know whether it is truly an intruder or not. This feature is made possible by the incorporation of artificial intelligence which makes analytics and tracking very reliable.

Are those all the feature that you will receive?

No, there are more exciting feature you may find appropriate. They are provided below:

  • Built-in Speaker-Unlike the analog wifi cameras, these cameras can transmit two-way audio. This means besides just the visual content that you would be seeing on the recorded video, you are going to also listen to sound from the recorded video. With the loudspeaker feature, you can listen to the sounds live so that you get the real-time data of what is happening at the scene.
  • Data Encryption – Data protection is relevant when it comes to CCTV surveillance because if it gets out to other unconcerned parties, it may be used wrongly. Most of the wifi cameras have the encryption feature to help keep the recorded information safe.  WPA or WPA2, TKIP, or AES are some of the encryption formats used to ensure that data remains secure and safe throughout the whole process or recording.

Features for Outdoor Efficiency

Most cameras are used in the outdoor environment. For them to perfect excellently, they are made with features that make them function without alteration no matter the weather.

All-weather Feature – the weatherproof feature is meant to make the camera intact and functional regardless of the weather. For example, when there is too much dust, the body or the camera is dust repellant so even the lens will not be affected. If it is too rainy or misty, there is an internally built wiper. That ensures the lens is always clean. with such features, you are guaranteed satisfactory surveillance regardless of the weather.

What to Consider When Buying an IP Camera

Given the wide collection of Cameras, you could be asking yourself what to look for when you want to buy a Camera. This purely depends on what you want to cover. Below are some features to consider. Our team can assist you in finding what is best for your business. Butcheck at some of the features to consider below.

  • Camera Resolution -There are various resolutions based on the image quality that people want. From 1080p, 2k to 4k resolution, you need to know what is best for your business. So that you get exactly what you want. The lower the resolution the poorer the image. But with a resolution from 1080p, you can be sure to get excellent image quality.
  • Check its lens capacity, zooming capacity, and Night vision distance so that you know if it is best for you. If the zooming capacity is large, it means you can focus the image and make it clear and adorable. Low zooming capacity means images that are far may be dull. You may not be able to get a clear picture of them. The longer the night vision distance, the better the capture. So you will be able to cover a long distance for maximum surveillance coverage.
  • Storage size must be big especially if you want it to store a lot of details in it. Most people start with 32 GB internal storage but the bigger the storage, the better.

Facial Recognition Camera

You can integrate the faces of the members of your family. The alarm will automatically ring when someone unfamiliar is detected. This is also good for some people. Who wants to ensure only specific people get access to certain business premises or offices. Security Cameras with facial recognition features cannot be used in public areas. Because different faces come in always it might keep bothering you every time it detects a new face. With AI technology, it would be difficult for unwanted people to access certain places without you knowing.


IP Cameras are the best guarantee of enhanced security surveillance in your place. You can smartly connect them with your phone. So that you get direct updates from the place that you would be at any time of the day. Always make sure you have the best setup. So that you don’t get any hitches in the performance of the camera.

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CCTV Camera

CCTV Camera in Bangladesh

Credible Technology based in Dhaka is presenting the best CCTV Camera in Bangladesh. Nowadays technology is moving faster, so all the manufacturers producing, Face detection, Face recognition Cameras. Some of the famous manufacturers are also producing thermal cameras. Here we also providing a CCTV to compare all. People have to know how to get the full benefits of it. Our experienced team is giving brief before buying the Security products and the best solution value. Face Recognition system

4G Solar Camera

Best quality CCTV Price

Check CCTV Price in Bangladesh here, if you are looking to install a security close circuit television for your home, office, or industry. Hire us to quote you the CC Cameras price for your projects by renewed manufacturers. Popular brands are AVTECH CCTV, Dahua CCTV Cameras, Hikvision Camera, and Jovision. 4G Solar camera is our feature product, which is good for farmers. Most of the farmers are facing problems with remote surveillance of their project but they can not, we hope very soon we will be able to serve them. CCTV supplier in Bangladesh provides 4G Solar camera is our feature product, which is good for farmers. Most of the farmers are facing problems with surveillance of their project but they can not, we hope very soon we will be able to serve them.

Credible Technology is an IT embed Digital security solution Provider Company, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Get the best knowledge from our website about IP cameras, hidden or spy cameras with audio, WiFi, or wireless Camera online, 4G sim cameras for rural area surveillance. Farmers are looking for solar system WiFi cameras to see the projects from a long distance by mobile phone. Latest Security cameras are giving these features to run security systems on the firm field without any power and broadband connection. The best Mini surveillance camera is here to buy the products and the best solution value. Invite us to submit you the quotation for your projects by renewed manufacturers, like AVTECH, Dahua CCTV Camera price in Bangladesh, Hikvision, and Jovision.

CCTV Camera Company in Bangladesh

CredibleTech is one of the best CC Camera Company in Bangladesh and a CCTV Service Provider in Dhaka. “Nowadays Surveillance system is a very important product for daily life and property safety”. When you type “CCTV installation services near me” on a search engine then, you can find us all over Bangladesh. Call us from Chittagong, Rangpur, Barishal, Sylhet, and Khulna to get Surveillance camera service support from us. The best CC Camera company in Bangladesh (Credible Technology) working in this field for 20 years and serves 1000 + projects all over Bangladesh.

We believe in CCTV Service, perfect CCTV Camera setup, and warranty assurance for CCTV Cameras

Credible Technology is representing the original security equipment from the best brands, for example, here is the name of some best CC Camera brands in Bangladesh are Avtech, Dahua, Jovision, Hikvision, Geovision, and Planet. Call us to set up your home security camera system. Wireless security system along with DVR presenting by security Service Company in Bangladesh. The security camera system expert knows the privacy of the best home security camera and how to solve troubles. In spite that the crucial necessity for all those businesses it can be particularly important for small businesses where expenditure is minor and challenges are substantial.

CCTV Store in Dhaka

Our online store will help you to find the security equipment and comparing the items. CTBD is the best CC Camera dealer in Bangladesh, presenting products from an online CCTV store in Dhaka. So buy Closed-circuit television to protect your House, Office, or industry. Certainly, Protection is really a must-have for every house and Office environment today. It can help to watch and guard with a wide range of perspectives. So with a Wi-Fi closed-circuit tv or IP Camera, you have got access to the internet on your own Smartphone. So you can monitor your house or office from anywhere.

  • Why you will like the Online CCTV store in Dhaka?

There are many reasons, first of all, you will get verity product in a finger trip. Another thing is you can compare the quality and features within a minute.

  • Types of Security cameras:

Basically, 2 types of security cameras are producing the manufacturers. A. Analog B. Digital (HD or IP Cameras). Here is the IP camera.

  • Is there a home delivery facility?

Yes, all the outlet is under cash on delivery facility. So anyone can enjoy this facility.

CC Camera package in Bangladesh

What is the benefit to buy a CC Camera Package in Bangladesh? This is the common dialog from buyers, let’s describe, in any country maximum buyers is from a small store, office or department store, they no need customize a solution for a security solution, so why they will pay extra money for customize the solution, they buy for his convenient. Above all, the CC Camera package is affordable and our company is giving free service on it.

  • What you will get with a full set?

Each and every set consisted of the Night Vision cameras, Cables, all accessories, recorder + HDD, monitors, along with the full setup. Moreover, the Camera full set is from Avtech, Jovision, Dahua, and Hikvision. Check the CC Camera package for your projects from our CCTV store.

CCTV distributor | Importer

We are representing the original and top Security products from China, South Korea, Taiwan, and the USA. CredibleBD is one of the best CCTV distributors in Bangladesh. Best closed-circuit tv system brands for Home, for example, Avtech, Jovision, Dahua, Hikvision, Geovision, and Planet. These all are well-known companies with the best quality security items manufacturer. Now all the technology is giving remote camera control facilities by mobile surveillance. For instance, Dahua and Hikvision wireless Security Cameras are very much famous. For example, for those who are looking for a wifi camera or IP Camera, these home security systems are the best solution.

Many people are looking for a good quality of security equipment, the mentioned companies taking care of it. Therefore, those companies are giving unbelievable quality for many people, and anyone can buy those products easily. The range of Security Cameras quality for those company almost the same but only Avtech quality is a little bit high depending on the country’s origin.

CCTV Camera price in Bangladesh

We are providing CCTV Cameras through an online shop, hot items are mini cameras and Wifi cameras. Above all, our expert solutions are security equipment for the home with mobile connectivity. Here is the Hikvision mini CC Camera price in Bangladesh and Dahua CCTV Camera price in Bangladesh with Starlight, Imou, thermal camera, and smartpss. The best outdoor security system can give you more security to protect your premises. So don’t worry where are you from, our services activities are for all of Bangladesh. We are giving support for IP Camera, Dome, Bullet, PTZ, Wifi, and Spy cameras. We are one of the best and top Security camera service providers in Dhaka. Also security equipment importer, dealer, and distributor in Dhaka. Hikvision CC Camera price list in Bangladesh can check for your upcoming project.

Get an affordable night vision camera for any project. To be noted, the good quality and affordable quality are not the same words, don’t convince by the affordable quality camera word. Our Security Camera installation cost is included for one year. Sector-wise is explaining our products and services, like, security cameras for the home, access control system full setup, video door Phone, burglar alarm, Glassdoor protection, and hidden camera or wireless Camera. Our technology partners are Avtech, Jovision, Dahua, Hikvision. Call us for a security camera for home setup, then our team will visit to prescribe your proper solution.


Q. Why digital security is important?

A. Digital security is important for your safety. Nowadays house property owners do not rely on security guards, because they can be biased or can be tired of their duty. But digital security systems are not like that, no one can buy them or they do not get tired.

Q. What is the maintenance cost for Security equipment?

A. There is no maintenance cost for running Digital security because Credible Technology provided a one-year free replaceable guaranty along with free service.

Q. Which brand is best for indoor use?

A.  In Bangladesh, 4 brands are the most popular. Firstly Avtech, secondly Dahua, Hikvision, and Jovision. So any indoor camera from these 4 brands would be good and budget-friendly.

Q. Why we are best in the Security sector?

A.  With 20 years of experience, we have gained the trust, reliability, and the utmost satisfaction of 1000+ clients. Therefore, we provide the best cameras at an affordable price, along with 24/7 support, and a warranty.

Q. Why not use the maximum range of Security cameras?

A.  By long-range, we understand IR(Infrared) cameras. So if we use IR Cameras at the night, the picture quality will not be very clear. So, a shorter-range camera would be more suitable.

Q. Why should you choose the Best Brand camera?

A.  If you choose a camera from the best brand, you will be able to enjoy the full expected lifespan of the camera,. Most importantly, the quality would be top-notch, and it will serve the purpose of ensuring security, without any issues. However, A non-branded product may make the customer suffer from various issues.

Q. How can I compare the CCTV Camera price?

A. Firstly, search on the internet and you will found lots for online CCTV Camera Shop in the search result, they are presenting their product from the online shop. You have to select 2 or 3 shops from the search results, then compare the price.