Dahua DVR Price in Bangladesh

Dahua DVR Price in Bangladesh – Dahua Distributor in Bangladesh providing Dahua DVR 4 Channel price, 8 Channel, 16 Channel, 32 Channel and 64 Channel DVR. Dahua XVR 4 Channel price in Bangladesh. Dahua 4 Channel XVR , 8 Channel, 16 Channel, 32 Channel and 64 Channel XVR price in Bangladesh. Dahua CCTV Package are available : We offer packages for 2 channel to 16 channel DVR package and NVR with 1MP, 2MP & 3MP camera with installation.

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Dahua IP Camera price in Bangladesh

Dahua IP Camera price in Bangladesh : Check Dahua IP Camera price list through our website. Before purchase the Dahua IP Camera Solution in Bangladesh. We are offering you the best Dahua IP camera kits price and Dahua Security systems in Bangladesh. Buy cheap IP Cameras & genuine product from Dahua distributor in Bangladesh. Dahua Wifi Camera price in Bangladesh from Dahua Technology. We have Dahua IP Camera package for easy buy with complete solution. Know more how to view dahua IP camera from phone remote. There is so many categories, such as Dahua 4 channel NVR, Dahua 8 channel NVR, Dahua 16 channel NVR, Dahua 32 channel NVR and 64 Channels NVR with installation. We are able to give Dahua tech support all over the Bangladesh.

We offer 2mp Camera / 3mp Camera / 8mp ip camera / 4mp IP Camera or 4k ip camera and network camera. Tips : There is two category indoor and outdoor. All dome camera are for indoor use only, but some PTZ dome camera for indoor and outdoor solutions. Box or Dahua bullet camera can use for both (indoor/outdoor).

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CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh

CCTV Camera price in Bangladesh

If you are looking for a CCTV installation service or wireless CCTV setup for a home solution. Select us to quote you the best CCTV Camera price in Bangladesh and get the best solution and service for the best CC camera brand in Bangladesh. Credible Technology is an IT embed Digital security solution Provider Company, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Our basic services for security issues are surveillance CCTV solution, Installation service, video door Phone, burglar alarm, Glass door protection, and hidden or wireless CCTV. Our technology partner is the best CCTV Camera brand like Avtech, Jovision, Dahua, Hikvision.

We are giving support for IP CCTV, Dome, Bullet, PTZ, Wifi & Spy close circuit television. We are one of the best & top security equipment importer, dealer, and distributor in Dhaka. We are providing a cheap CCTV Camera Price list in Bangladesh through an online CC TV shop. Our expert solutions are CCTV for the home with mobile connectivity with the best CC TV price. The best outdoor security system can give you more security to protect your premises.

CCTV Camera Company in Bangladesh

We are one of the best CCTV Camera Company and CCTV installation services provider in BD. Credible Technology working in this field for 20 years & serve 1000 + projects all over Bangladesh. Nowadays Surveillance system is a very important product for daily life for property safe.

Credible Technology is representing the original security equipment from best brands, here is the name of some best CC Camera brands are Avtech, Dahua, Jovision, Hikvision, Geovision & Planet. Call us to quote your security CCTV Price. Wireless security CCTV system with DVR presenting security Service Company in Bangladesh. They know private security camera invasion of privacy and how to solve troubles by the high-quality camera. In spite that the crucial necessity for all those businesses it can be particularly important for small businesses where expenditure is minor and challenges are substantial.

CCTV Camera shop in Bangladesh

Credible Technology is the best CCTV dealer in Bangladesh, presenting products from an online CCTV shop in Dhaka. Our online store will help you to find the security equipment & comparing the items. Buy Closed-circuit television to protect your House, Office or industry. Protection is really a must-have for every house and Office environment today. It can help to watch and guard with a wide range of perspectives. With a Wi-Fi camera or IP CCTV, you have got access to the internet on your own Smartphone. Monitor your house or office from anywhere.

Why you will like Online CCTV Shop?

There are many reasons, first of all, you will get verity product in a finger trip. Another thing is you can compare the price & features within a minute.

Is there home delivery facility?

Yes, all the outlet is under cash on delivery facility. So anyone can enjoy this facility.

CCTV Camera Package price in Bangladesh

We provide the best CC Camera Package with installation at the best price. Get various CCTV packages from us. Packages are for Avtech Package, Hikvision Package, Jovision Package, and Dahua Camera Package. Select CCTV camera full set price in Bangladesh with installation services. We provide Fisheye, night vision cc camera, and Wifi IP CCTV Packages. We Credible Technology are giving CCTV solutions for Home, Shop, Office, and Industry. Our support is available 24/7 at https://www.credible.com.bd/. We have an online CCTV shop facility to buy the packages from us. We will give a home delivery service at a convenient time.

Type of CCTV Packages :

  • Avtech package content are CC Camera or IP Camera + DVR or NVR + Adaptor + Cable + Jack + Monitor with 1MP, 2MP & 3MP camera and installation.
  • Jovision camera Package is 2 Cameras, 4 cameras, 8 cameras CCTV Package to 16 cameras with DVR or NVR & 1MP, 2MP, 3MP, 4MP & 5MP cameras with the Setup in Dhaka.
  • Dahua camera Package – we offer packages for Pc to 16Pc Camera + DVR or NVR with 1MP, 2MP & 3MP camera with the installation.
  • Hikvision Camera Package – We offer packages for 2 Ch to 16Ch DVR or NVR with 1MP, 2MP & 3MP cameras with the installation.

“We believe in Service, perfect installation, and the very competitive price.”

Best CC Camera brand in Bangladesh

We are representing the original and top Security products from China, South Korea, Taiwan, and the USA. Best CC Camera brand for Home like Avtech, Jovision, Dahua, Hikvision, Geovision & Planet. These all are well-known companies with the best quality security items manufacturer. Now all the technology is giving remote mentoring facilities by mobile surveillance. Dahua and Hikvision wireless CCTV are very much famous. Who are looking for a wifi security CCTV or IP CCTV, these home security CCTV are the best solution for them.

Many people are looking for cheap CCTV price, the mentioned companies taking care of it. Those companies are giving unbelievable prices for much people, anyone can buy those products easily. Price range of those company almost the same but only Avtech price is a little bit high depending on the country’s origin.

Access Control system in Bangladesh

Best Access Control system representing by Credible Technology and all the products are from renowned companies & original. Call us for the access control system price. Glassdoor lock price. Access control door lock price. Magnetic door lock price. RFID door lock price and automatic door lock price. Our Brands: IDteck Access Control system, ViRdi Access control system, Nitgen Access control system & ZKTeco Access control system. It is a fundamental concept in security that minimizes risk to the business or organization. Credible Technology is the best access control provider in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  • IDTECK Access control system and time attendance system. IDTECK to develop a full range of physical access security system devices.
  • NITGEN Access Control system along with time attendance system, unique Optical design technology, and it has almost zero image distortion. Nitgen can capture ant fingerprints clearly, making it possible to verify fingerprints quickly and accurately.
  • ZKTeco Access Control system and biometric time attendance system. At present ZKTeco has globally 3,500 employees with approximately 1,000 R&D staff among them. The Dongguan headquarter owns a modernized manufacturing base. Xiamen Headquarters focuses on the establishment of the enterprise’s software development base and solution innovation center.

Do not compromise to give permission to access your premises. We are providing the solution & giving service for access control with the best Access Control brand. Renowned brands are IDteck, ViRdi, Nitgen & ZKTeco. Consideration of the closed-circuit television system, think about us.

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