CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh

Reliable CCTV Supplier presenting best CCTV Camera price list. We are providing the best CC Camera brand like Dahua camera, Hikvision camera, Jovision, and Avtech.


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IP Camera in Bangladesh

Credible Technology based in Dhaka is presenting the best IP Camera in Bangladesh. Nowadays technology is moving faster, so all the manufacturers producing, Face detection, Face recognition Cameras.

Some of the famous manufacturers are also producing thermal cameras. Here we also providing a CC camera system to compare all. People have to know how to get the full benefits of a camera for the house. Our experienced team is giving brief before buying the Security products and the best solution value.

4G Solar Camera

Best quality Security Cameras

Check top quality Security camera here, if you are looking to install an outdoor surveillance camera. Or a wireless IP camera wifi, wireless surveillance cameras. Along with a wireless cameras, or home surveillance cameras for your home, office, or industry.

CCTV systems supplier in Bangladesh provides 4G Solar camera is our feature product, which is good for farmers. Most of the farmers are facing problems with the surveillance of their projects. So we hope very soon we will be able to serve them.

Credible Technology
Credible Technology

About Us

Credible Technology is an IT embed Digital security solution Provider Company, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Get the best knowledge from our website about IP cameras, hidden or spy cameras with audio. WiFi, or wireless Camera online, 4G sim cameras are the best for rural area surveillance. Farmers are looking for solar system WiFi cameras to see the projects from a long distance by mobile phone.

CCTV Camera Company in Bangladesh

CredibleTech is one of the best CCTV companies in Bangladesh and a CCTV Service Provider in Dhaka. “Nowadays Surveillance system is a very important product for daily life and property safety”.

When you type “CCTV installation services near me” on a search engine then, you can find us all over Bangladesh. Our services are is Chittagong, Rangpur, Barishal, Sylhet, and Khulna to get Surveillance camera service support from us. The best CC Camera company in Bangladesh (Credible Technology) are working in this field for 20 years and has served 1000 + projects all over Bangladesh.

The Modern Rules Of CCTV Price In BD & Most Effective Ways To Overcome CCTV Camera In Bangladesh's Problem.

Credible Technology is representing the original security equipment from the best brands. For example, here is the name of some best CC Camera brands in Bangladesh. They are Avtech, Dahua camera, Jovision, Hikvision DVR, Geovision, and Planet. Call us to set up your home security camera system.

CCTV Store in Dhaka

Our online store will help you to find the security equipment and comparing the items. CTBD is the best CC Camera dealer in Bangladesh, presenting products from an online CCTV store in Dhaka. So buy Closed-circuit television to protect your House, Office, or industry. Certainly, Protection is really a must-have for every house and Office environment today. It can help to watch and guard with a wide range of perspectives.

You can have access to your security system on your own Smartphone. With a Wi-Fi closed-circuit tv or IP Camera system and NVR camera system.

So you can monitor your house or office from anywhere. Also, you can save the camera footage with the help of a video recorder or network video recorders. There is a card slot in NVR security camera systems for local storage. DVR systems allow this as well.

CCTV Camera package price in Bangladesh

Above all, the CCTV Camera package price in Bangladesh is affordable and our company is giving free service on it. Each and every set consisted of Night Vision security cameras, ethernet cables. Along with all accessories, recorder + HDD, monitors, along with the full setup.

CCTV installation Cost in Bangladesh

We are providing the best CCTV installation cost In Bangladesh through our online shop. Our surveillance camera installation cost depends on an area basis. CCTV service area in Dhaka is CCTV service in Dhanmondi, CC Camera service in Gulshan, Banani, Uttara, Mirpur, Khilgaon, and whole Bangladesh.

Here is the Hikvision mini CC Camera price in Bangladesh. Dahua Technology provides a Starlight camera, indoor security camera, thermal camera, and smart. The best outdoor security system or outdoor camera system can give you more security to protect your premises. We are one of the best and top Security camera service providers in Dhaka. Hikvision CC Camera price list in Bangladesh can check for your upcoming project.


QWhy digital security is important?

A. Digital security is important for your safety. Nowadays house property owners do not rely on security guards. Because they can be biased or can be tired of their duty. But digital security systems are not like that, no one can buy them or they do not get tired.

QWhat is the maintenance cost for Security equipment?

A. There is no maintenance cost because Credible Technology provides a one-year free replaceable guaranty along with free one services.

QWhich brand is best for indoor use?

A. In Bangladesh, 4 brands are the most popular. Firstly Avtech, secondly Dahua, Hikvision, and Jovision. So any indoor camera from these 4 brands would be good and budget-friendly.

QWhy we are best in the Security sector?

A. With 20 years of experience, we have gained the trust, reliability, and the utmost satisfaction of 1000+ clients. Therefore, we provide the best cameras at an affordable price, along with 24/7 support, and a warranty.

QWhy not use the maximum range of Security cameras?

A. By long-range, we understand IR(Infrared) cameras. So if we use IR Cameras at the night, the picture quality will not be very clear. So, a shorter-range camera would be more suitable.

QWhy should you choose the Best Brand camera?

A. you will be able to enjoy the full expected lifespan of the camera. If you choose a camera from the best brand. Most importantly, the quality would be top-notch, and it will serve the purpose of ensuring security, without any issues. However, A non-branded product may make the customer suffer from various issues.

Q. How can I compare the CCTV price?

A. Firstly, search on the internet "CCTV price in BD" and you will found lots for online Camera Shop in the search result. They are presenting their product from the online Camera shops. You have to select 2 or 3 shops from the search results, then compare the price.