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Best Jovision DVR Price List In Bangladesh

Since the introduction of surveillance systems by the brand Jovision, Jovision DVR has been a pretty prevalent name. Digital Video Recorder is used in centralized surveillance systems. Jovision joined the surveillance product sector in 2000. Their brand has made a big name for itself since then in the last 20 years. Jovision is dedicated to Research and Development so much that 45 percent of their total employees are developers and technical personnel.

Now Jovision has NVR, DVR, IP cameras, Analog Cameras, Smart IP cameras, etc., in its product catalog. Credible Technology has made its products available to customers. We are the dealers, sellers, and distributors of Jovision and other renowned security product manufacturing brands.

DVR is the abbreviation of Digital Video Recorder. These devices receive raw data provided by analog cameras and convert them into digital signals. Nowadays, analog cameras support higher resolution. And the DVRs have been developed to such an extent the differences between NVR and DVR have been nearly mitigated. The new DVRs use Advanced Video Codecs as their primary video compression technology. Jovision DVRs support AHD, TVI, CVI, CVBS, and IP video input. Those recorders can operate with third-party Cameras. Jovision DVRs flagship models support up to 2 SATA interfaces with a maximum capacity of 6TB each. Credible Technology has 32-channel, 16-channel, 8-channel, and 4- channel Jovision DVR systems. 

Get Your Jovision DVR From Credible Technology Bangladesh Today

Credible Technology is the official distributor and supplier of Jovision DVR in Bangladesh. We have been in the industry of security and surveillance systems since 2002. Our CCTV experts have experience of more than 20 years in all types of security equipment and security product. We have all types of Jovision DVRs available in Bangladesh. The price of Jovision DVR in Bangladesh starts from 4400 taka only at Credible Bangladesh.

If you have further queries, we are always eager to help you choose. Considering an upgrade from your existing DVR system, Jovision NVR is a great choice. Still, having doubts about your surveillance system? An access Control System can be a way to go. For such security and safety devices, visit our online CCTV shop. We have different CCTV brands and a lot of varieties in the security product catalog for our customers to choose from. 

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