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Hard Disk Drives For CCTV Cameras In Bangladesh

In contrast to hard disk drives for CCTV cameras in Bangladesh, cloud storage has a high cost and is one of the most popular storage options for CCTV cameras. That’s why an external DVR or NVR device is still sought after. Those devices specifically use CCTV HDD or Hard Disk Drive. To be more precise, those are used in desktops, too, and these are SATA hard drives. This SATA security camera hard drive stands for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. Unlike desktop HDD, it’s a little different. In short, a CCTV footage recorder runs 24 hours a day and seven days a week. So the CCTV storage is under stress.

The HDD we use on desktops is not meant to be used that way. For CCTV camera footage recorders (DVR or NVR), we have a different kind of storage which are DVR with a hard drive. Those are simply known as AV-grade HDD or surveillance drives. These security camera hard drives are stress resilient, unlike the variants used in desktops. All you need to know is that big storage is required for CCTV cameras. That’s where Credible Technology comes in. We have a big catalog of such camera hard drives that are suitable for your daily CCTV camera usage. You can simultaneously record and do live streaming on a CCTV monitor screen without a subscription.

Why Buy CCTV Hard Disk From Credible BD?

Credible Technology is one of the leading distributors of the best brands of CCTV cameras, recorders, and storage. We have digital security system experts to recommend the very security products which are suitable to your needs. Even if you want to explore our types of hard disks on our website, we are fine with that too.

But you might need some brief information before that. For example, you will need bigger CCTV storage if you buy security cameras with higher resolution. Now you might throw at us, ‘No shit, Sherlock!’. We get that. Suppose you have four 1080p HD CCTV cameras with a minimum of 6 frames per second; you may only get 12 days of CCTV storage only if you opt for a 1TB HDD. So to get rid of these weird mathematical equations, you can buy that security camera hard drives directly from us because our security system experts will be able to help you to choose the Hard disk storage you need. Don’t look elsewhere, even if you are looking for CC cameras, DVR recorders, or any other security solution.

We, Credible Technology, work as a team and ensure the best after-sale service. And when it comes to affordable pricing, our security system products are never overpriced. We sell the best Hard disk brands like Seagate HDD, Western Digital HDD, Toshiba HDD, etc. 

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