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Hikvision NVR Systems For Security Cameras In Bangladesh

Hikvision NVR is the latest addition to the security product line of Hikvision security systems. Every device faces changes due to innovations and technological upgrades. With the advent of new Internet Protocol cameras, or IP cameras, a new recording system found its way onto the market. From the name of the camera, you can guess that the system those cameras are connected to will have something to do with networks. The recording system that IP cameras use is a network video recorder, or NVR. And one of the leading NVR manufacturers in the surveillance industry, or CCTV camera industry, is Hikvision.

More To Know About Hikvision NVR (Network Video Recorder) In Bangladesh

Hikvision started its journey in 2001 and has worked meticulously to deliver cutting-edge technologies to our hands. Hikvision provides video surveillance products and vertical market solutions in the global market through more than 2,400 partners in 155 countries and regions. Customers recognize them globally for their top-of-the-class surveillance products. And Credible Technology is the dealer, seller, and distributor of the Hikvision security system in Bangladesh.

It doesn’t matter if you are upgrading your home’s security system from DVR or just getting a new surveillance system in your home or office spaces; NVR is the way to go. If you are looking for IP cameras, Credible Technology has some good deals on CCTV camera packages too. Those packages also include a Hikvision Network Video Recorder and IP cameras. While the DVR is specified by the TVL, or television lines and frames per second (FPS), the looking point for Hikvision NVRs is the network bandwidth it can work with and the number of channels it registers. IP cameras directly send digital signals to the Hikvision NVR, so the recording device just records the raw footage. Some NVRs are connected to the IP cameras wirelessly, and the whole security system is connected to one main network.

Buy Your Hikvision NVR From Credible Bangladesh Today

But if you feel comfortable with the old-school cable system, Credible Technology has got you covered too. Hikvision has a good lineup of products that use wireless and cable connections. Credible Technology has all types of Hikvision NVR, including 4-Channel NVR, 8-Channel Hikvision NVR, 16-Channel NVR, and also 32-Channel NVR. Our Hikvision NVR product line also includes 64-Channel NVR and 128-Channel NVR for the bigger recording capability. They are commonly used in factories or commercial security systems. The price range of Hikvision NVR in Bangladesh is from 4500 taka to 1,60,000 taka.

Now, if you are looking for other products like DVRs, analog cameras, IP cameras, and access control systems, Credible Technology has got you covered with all these security solutions. We have been thriving in the surveillance market of Bangladesh for 20 years. Credible Technology has always had a higher ground with their work experience in this field. For such safety and security devices, look no further than our shop. Visit us and look out for other security products in our online CCTV Camera store you might need.

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