Hikvision 32 Channel DVR

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Hikvision 32 Channel DVR price In Bangladesh

Credible BD is distributing Dahua digital video recorders at affordable prices. Hikvision 32 channel DVR price in Bangladesh varies depending on the model and retailer. Prices typically range from ৳30,000 to ৳42,500 (around $360 to $510 USD). Popular models include the DS-7232HQHI-K2 and IDS-7232HQHI-M2-S. Consider features and shop around for the best deal.

The benefits of Hikvision 32 Channel DVR

Hikvision 32 Channel DVRs manage up to 32 security cameras, offering wide area surveillance. They use advanced H.265+ compression to save storage space while recording high-definition video. These DVRs work with various camera types (HDTVI, AHD, etc.) for flexibility and can even connect to some IP cameras. With features like smart motion detection, they minimize false alarms and simplify video playback.

Types of Hikvision 32-Channel Digital Video Recorder

Credible Technology has been in the business of surveillance systems for more than 20 years. Hikvision offers two main types of 32-channel DVRs: AcuSense and Turbo HD. AcuSense models focus on intelligent features like object detection, while Turbo HD prioritizes high-definition video recording. Both can connect extra network cameras for a wider view.

Get Your Hikvision 32-Channel Recorder From Credible Technology

Credible Technology is the official distributor and supplier of Hikvision security systems in Bangladesh. Credible Technology offers Hikvision’s 32-channel Digital Video Recorder, ideal for large security systems. It supports high-definition recording and multiple camera types (analog & IP) for comprehensive coverage. They can help you choose the right system for your needs

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