Hikvision 32 Channel DVR

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Hikvision 32 Channel DVR In Bangladesh

Hikvision has launched a 32-channel DVR which is perfect for corporate spaces and shopping malls. Even in apartment buildings, CCTV cameras are in use. When choosing a recorder for a surveillance system, people usually look for the two most important factors of choosing. First is where they are going to use it and whether DVR or NVR is their preference. Hikvision 32-channel DVR or Digital Video Recorder is the ideal choice when a lot of space needs to be under a surveillance system.

Hikvision started its journey in 2001 and since then, its DVR product lineup has encountered evolution. Back in the day, those DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) would only work with analog cameras. But coping with the modern times and the flexibility of new cameras like IP (Internet Protocol) cameras, Hikvision DVR systems have started supporting IP cameras along with AHD (Analog High Definition) cameras. 

More To Know About Hikvision 32-Channel Digital Video Recorder In Bangladesh

Credible Technology has been in the business of surveillance systems for more than 20 years. During this long period, one thing we have learned is those good products earn the trust of the customers. So we didn’t hesitate to include Hikvision in our catalog. Hikvision 32-channel DVR systems can work with up to 32 cameras. But it doesn’t mean you have to buy exactly 32 pieces of the security camera, a lower count is also supported by the digital recorder. Those latest model Hikvision 32-channel DVRs support 1080p resolution, and IP cameras through PoE (Power Over Ethernet). But if you are confused about the surveillance systems in the market, Credible Technology has the solution exactly for such circumstances.

The only thing the package lacks is a monitor. But if you follow our blog and have already gathered knowledge about CCTV cameras, and recording devices like NVR and DVR, you can already comprehend that this Hikvision 32-channel DVR is an ideal choice for big spaces. The new model supports HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding) or H.265 codec which is efficient from a storage perspective compared to its predecessor AVC (Advanced Video Codec) or H.264 codec.

Get Your Hikvision 32-Channel DVR From Credible Technology

Credible Technology is the official distributor and supplier of Hikvision Security systems in Bangladesh. We have a team of security experts. Credible BD understands the customer’s concerns about their safety and security at home and office. We appreciate it because many people out there still neglect it. We have DVR and NVR systems from multiple renowned CCTV brands. These recorders work with Analog Cameras and IP cameras. To get all those for a reasonable price, CCTV camera packages are a great choice.

Now if you feel a surveillance system is not enough, Credible Technology has got you covered here too. We also have Access Control System in our catalog and also have Fire Equipment to combat fire at the primary stage. If you have any queries, visit our online CCTV shop and explore new products on our website that you never knew you needed.

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