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USB conference microphone speaker in Bangladesh

Video conferencing with software on your laptop or desktop computer is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, the quality of desktop video conferencing often rivals that of hardware-based video conferencing, due to improvements in computer processing and more advanced video compression algorithms.

One of the most important factors in the success of software-based video conferencing is the use of peripherals that help you effectively connect video and audio to your computer. The best computer, software, and connection may result in a mediocre experience if adequate peripherals have not been selected. What follows should assist you in selecting the right speakerphone for you video conferencing needs and budget.

The biggest mistake that novice video conferencing users make is not to use some sort of earphones, headset, or echo cancelling speakerphone. While hardware-based video conferencing solutions from Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize and others include sophisticated echo cancellation, this is not the case with most software solutions. The result is that audio coming from a computer’s speakers is received by the same computer’s microphone. The result can be very unpleasant squeals and echos. Ironically, these sounds are often not heard by the individual causing the cacophony, but rather, by the other participants in the call. Fortunately, echo cancellation problems caused by poor or non-existent echo cancellation from computer-based video conferencing software can easily be overcome in any of the following ways:

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