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Best Fire Extinguishers For Fire Safety In Bangladesh

Fire extinguishers in Bangladesh have a different scenario. This is a thing we don’t use all the time, but we see it everywhere. Be it in the kitchen or garage, or yard, you might detect at least one unit of fire extinguisher. To ensure our home security and to stay vigil all the time, CO2 fire extinguishers are one of the pivotal elements of home safety and security faculties in both the residential and corporate sectors. It is a very important part of the fire safety plan. It helps extinguish small fire accidents and sometimes suppress them until the fire department arrives.

Before buying carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, you should learn some basic types of fires. Class ‘A’ fires are the most common type, which is fueled by wood, paper, fabrics, and plastics. Then, Class ‘B’ fires are the ones fueled by flammable liquids and gases, like the ones in the fire station and laboratory. Class ‘C’ fires are electrical fires whose main source is faulty wiring of electronic equipment and appliances. Now class ‘K’ fires are specifically related to kitchens where kitchen fire extinguishers come in handy.

To combat each type of fire, there are some categories of fire extinguishers. For example, ABC-rated fire extinguishers are suitable for all cases, but for kitchens, BC-rated ones are exclusively used. CO2 fire extinguishers fight electrical fires by displacing the oxygen from the air to suffocate air. Like fires, fire extinguishers have classifications too.

Buy The Best Fire Extinguisher In Bangladesh From Credible BD

Credible Technology always emphasizes our customer’s safety and security. We are the importers, dealers, and distributors of home security devices and safety equipment. We have all types of fire extinguishers and fire fighting equipment available here, including fireball extinguishers, dry powder fire extinguishers, foam fire extinguishers, wet chemical extinguishers, and many more. Our team provides support for refillable CO2 cylinders too. We have all sizes of extinguishers available, from 1 KG to 5 KG.

Credible Technology not only has the best fire extinguisher in Bangladesh but also has security system experts only to help you choose the best security solutions of your choice. So don’t shy out from visiting our online security system shop from below.

Fire Extinguisher Price In Bangladesh

On average price range for Fire Extinguisher is BDT 1600 to 16000 taka. Use Fire Extinguisher for Wood, Paper, Textiles, Flammable Liquids, and Gaseous Fires.

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