Jovision JVS-H3-21 IP Camera price

৳ 4,500.00

3MP IP Camera

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Jovision JVS-H3-21 IP Camera price in Bangladesh

System Functions:

  1. Video resolution:3.0mp;Compression standard:H.264/H.265/JPEG;

  2. Supports scenarios exchange,supports indoor, outdoor, default and gentle scenes mode;

  3. Supports motion detection, motion detection email alarm automatically;

  4. Supports software upgrade, includes website upgrade and local file upgrade;

  5. Digital 3D DNR, makes image clear and more fluent;

  6. Supports screen covered, 4 parts covered available;

  7. Supports restart after power off or sudden failure;

  8. Supports timing restart;

  9. Supports 3 different types of user authority settings: administrations, users, visitors;

  10. IR cut filter with auto switch for day/night function.


The better heat dissipating performance;

Electrostatic protection: network power 8KV surging level, whole machine 15KV static level;

9V-21V super wide working voltage range, optimal surge protection.


Network Functions:

  1. Tri-stream for resolution, frame rate,video quality adjustment;

  2. Supports remote real time monitor, network user management and network time synchronization;

  3. Supports audio input;

  4. Supports CloudSee, speed connection, one-click remote and network plug and play;

  5. Supports ONVIF protocol (2.4), compatible with other manufacturers products;

  6. 5 remote monitoring ways: JNVR、CV、WebCC、VMS、Smart Phone.



  1. Auto switch for day and night vision, night vision optimization; automatic white balance;

  2. Supports OSD upper case, supports adjust OSD typeface;

  3. Supports the setting position separation between OSD and time;

  4. Supports network time synchronization;

  5. Equipments generate QR code, adds equipments by smart phone scanning;

  6. Supports ROI and instaflash in interest areas;

  7. Supports video adjustment, screen slip, screen mirroring, night vision optimization, software WDR;

  8. Supports exposure time setting, the best solution for watching electronic screen;

  9. Supports IP self-adaption function;

  10. Uses Jovision waterproof buttock line with 2 Internet plugs;

  11. Built-in desiccant,supports lens defog.


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