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Best CCTV Camera company in Bangladesh ? Credible Technology is the best

CCTV Camera Company : – “CREDIBLE TECHNOLOGY” former S. S Dhaka Trading Ltd (SSDTL) is one of the leading Importers,Installer (Door to door service) and Software Development Company in Bangladesh. We always see and take care of our valued client’s satisfaction. Our service responsiveness is appreciated by our clients. We are in this business since 2002 to still continuing with full satisfaction of the valued clients. CREDIBLE (
CCTV Camera Company )is engaged in Import activities from South Korea/ China/ Taiwan and also in Installation Buyers premises digital Security systems and software development as per requirements Along with service division and software development division with good communication of efficient staff and worker. CREDIBLE ( CCTV Camera Company ) are Importer, Distributor of surveillance & Electronics equipment.

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Why cctv camera is important?

10 Reasons why CCTV Security is crucial for your business

One of the most cost effective ways to provide security in the workplace is with CCTV Security or Video Surveillance Systems. The highly advanced technology of modern security cameras allow businesses to lower cost and risk by protecting their assets with continuous and seamless monitoring of their facilities. These relatively inexpensive cameras have mostly replaced expensive security guards while drastically increasing the reliability and accountability.

Here are ten reasons why CCTV systems are crucial and extremely necessary for businesses today:

1. Reduce Cost and Risk

CCTV security systems prove to be amazing investments from the day they are installed. Full view of your premises, real-time recording and remote online access by a manager lower your risks and prevent costly incidents such as burglary, fire, vandalism, etc.

2. Prevent and Deter Crime

Criminals target buildings that lack some form of monitoring. The very presence of CCTV cameras is enough to deter potential criminals. With surveillance access, employees can also take the necessary action to reduce crime risk and alleviate the criminal source quickly and efficiently.

3. Fool-Proof Coverage

A well-designed CCTV infrastructure is practically impenetrable and can provide 100% coverage. Multiple cameras reduce blind spots in addition to keeping an eye on the most vulnerable areas of the property. Also, the risk of human error (like the guards being pre-occupied with other things) is practically eliminated with a full-coverage surveillance system.

4. Reduce Property Insurance Premiums

Because of reducing the likelihood of break-ins and fire hazards, properties that have been installed with security systems have been given significant discounts in insurance premiums.

5. Increase Customer’s confidence

Banks and shops equipped with CCTV cameras give the customers a sense of security and safety. The customers feel more secure, which ultimately enhances consumer confidence and trust in your business.

6. Easy to implement

Modern CCTV Surveillance Systems are easily installed and implemented. Just plug-and-play! You don’t even need to worry about integrating your current security system with your new one. You can complement your existing security system with a new one.

7. Keep Your Employees Honest

CCTV cameras on the outside prevent break-ins by outsiders, but by having them installed inside your business you can monitor product, assets and other vulnerable areas of your facility. Ultimately, it will discourage poor behavior by company employees. Even if something happens, the records can prevent false accusations and trust issues among staff.

8. Encourage Good Behavior

CCTV cameras help in creating discipline among employees and customers alike. Surveillance systems encourage both employees and customers to be on their best behavior.

9. Prevent Safety Incidents

In order to reduce any potential dangers to your personnel, it’s crucial to install CCTV cameras in high-risk areas (like where fires can break out). Properly selected cameras can prevent potential damage because emergency measures can be taken immediately with careful monitoring.

10. Assist Law Enforcement

By having CCTV recordings of a crime, law enforcement agencies can use the footage and release photos/videos of the culprits to the public. Having records of the suspect can make a huge difference when it comes to making an arrest and getting dangerous criminals off the street! Reference :- https://focus4media.com/why-cctv-security-is-crucial-for-business/

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