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Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative security products and solutions, launches the latest generation Turbo HD Series – Turbo HD X, which is a complete system to help stopping intruders in real-time, and avoiding damage and loss of property. 

From passive monitoring to active deterrence, in a wide variety of applications
The Hikvision Turbo HD X series of cameras has a built-in detector that captures infrared light emitted by human bodies, distinguishing it from other visual ‘noise’. Once the camera detects a potential intruder, its built-in siren flashes red and blue light and a loud sound with the aim of frightening the intruder away. 

Hikvision distributor Bangladesh

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The Turbo HD X series can support a broad range of perimeter protection and security system processes for in-process warning, and evidence collection after an event. It enables transformation of the traditional monitoring and post-event investigation approach, and helps to change perimeter protection from passive monitoring to active deterrence in order to protect people and assets. It can be used in warehouses, residences, jewellery stores and more. 

A complete end-to-end system
More importantly, the Turbo HD X is a complete and unified system, featuring front-end devices linking to back-end devices and a remote application. As the front-end alarm sends a warning to potential intruders, the system also triggers an alarm at the back-end, to notify security personnel. Users can also receive alarm information remotely, via an application on their mobile devices. 

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